Depressed animals

Today I take up the burning issue of clinic depression amongst animals Elephants with trunk envy Over stressed sloth Megalomaniac Budgies Paranoid slow loris Moose with weltschmerz Confused rabbits Pretentious pigs Melancholy owls And of course Gnus with guns

The Goat Jet 2800s

Introducing the Goat Jet 2800, new affordable super Jet choose the 2800c for maximum power or the 2800e, for the air line on a tight budget Afraid of shortage of fuel choose the Downdraft Gasification, use almost anything combustible as fuel Fully customizable, with a long array of bling bling to heighten sex appeal Modern cockpit, with moderately comfortable chairs. We don't want our pilots to sleep do we. Rustic charm for the passenger. state of the art onboard entertainment system


Noticed that the subject to Illustration Friday was run, for this I without shame reuse parts of a prior post from my moleskine. I'm completely without shame on this matter.

Spot the millionaire

What would you do if you got a little extra money? Hm, managed to miss spell dreadnought it should have been. In this design I took away all the unnecessary parts of the gun ship, to make it more effective.

Weekend silliness

Asta and Kalle at the amusement park Looking for Mr Minotaurus Poker face The RR-Roller skates

Animals I feel for

And I care for you Coco as well, but not enough to let you handle my blog over the weekend, no updates until Monday morning, I'm leaving the internet.

Homage to Terry Gilliam

If you're up to par on pythonology you might be able to name the police constable and hedgehog, I'm not to sure about the German spelling (my German is not that healthy) is it: da sind spass? And a hello from Templar Air, why not take that holy trip you always wanted to take?

It's all in a day's work Mr Vader

Today we visit a place long time ago and far away. It's a day in Mr Dart Vaders life, you have to enlarge it to decipher it. The appeal of blogging is when you find out that someone has find liking to your things like the sycamorereview, that's all for today folks and let the force be with you.

Pig Day #5

Farewell to the "Ancien Régime", my stock of pigs are now at the end and I hear grumblings from my monkeys in the crypt. Sorry no more pigs today.


or how to surprise a burglar

Pig week #3

Pig #3 and #4, remember this one need two comments to get the Pig-Bonanza running

Pig week #2

Inspired by Kröyer, Posted after first comment how shame less is I?

It's pig week

This we celebrate by posting pigs, not once but a new after each get at least one comment. Pig #1, The Opera pig.

House support

Finished, it evolved around the concept of the likeness of books and houses. I thought that sometimes even houses could need some extra support, (you might have to enlarge the picture to see the support)


Made for Illustration Friday, media board marker on post-it, (made it at work while waiting for the computer). Inspired by Carl Fredrik Hill, Swedish 19-century artist.

Valkyrian low rider

When in doubt I use Swedish spelling as in Valkyrian, Ikarus etc

An Apology

Still drawing some houses, still in progress. I shouldn't have trusted Coco, that's for sure I'm given him some literature to understand the art of humor more, starting with An Essay on Criticism by Alexander Pope: this will hopefully learn him more of true wit. Frogs and Pirates, the idea is so not funny. unfortunately I can't fire Coco, it's almost impossible to find other monkeys with even a rudimentary knowledge in Greek mythology.

Opposable thumbs are for sissies

That's what Caesar Coco sez, Coco likes his bike Caesar Coco always speaks of Caesar Coco in 3rd person