Asbestos killed the Ikarus myth

Today we dip into the see of Greek mythology, how asbestos saved Ikarus, and Jason dressed for the summer Coco gets an assignment As follower of my blog knows (as explained in post, July 17 and August 5) I've had problems with my monkeys. Now I begin to understand that this may be due to me not giving them any responsibilities. Therefore I give Coco the job of keeping the blog updated over the weekend. This is nothing the reader will notice, Coco has promised, just wanted to let you know that I treat my monkeys with respect. Coco gets the rules


  1. oh coco can anyone forget such cool monkey ... i cant wait to see his job, send him my best regards ,

    the suns face is killer


  2. i love mythology. must be fun visualizing your drawings. they are really cool.

    oh, and your dinosaurs are GREAT! lol

  3. Brilliant as always! Coco looks very sweet and trustworthy (not like the one with a combover).

  4. Felicity never trust a monkey with a combover, thanks Dex, love your stuff.