Homage to Terry Gilliam

If you're up to par on pythonology you might be able to name the police constable and hedgehog, I'm not to sure about the German spelling (my German is not that healthy) is it: da sind spass? And a hello from Templar Air, why not take that holy trip you always wanted to take?


  1. Can't be many Terry Gilliam fans here :)! My DH is a big fan, he tells me it's Spiny Norman (is the policeman Dinsdale?)
    Is that the pilot? I'm not taking any flight with him! Does he know the difference between the cocktail stick and the joystick? Does he care?

  2. Not like Terry, O tempora o mores. The police is Harry "snapper" Organs of Q-division, Spiny is looking for Dinsdale. Of course the pilot cares but mostly for his cocktail, he puts his faith in higher powers. ;o)