An Apology

Still drawing some houses, still in progress. I shouldn't have trusted Coco, that's for sure I'm given him some literature to understand the art of humor more, starting with An Essay on Criticism by Alexander Pope: this will hopefully learn him more of true wit. Frogs and Pirates, the idea is so not funny. unfortunately I can't fire Coco, it's almost impossible to find other monkeys with even a rudimentary knowledge in Greek mythology.


  1. Mattias, I think Coco needs to learn a lesson. Perhaps let him have his own blog, with a new drawing every day!
    He draws great frog pirates by the way.

  2. Coco has a bad case of hubris, I'll have to teach him the ABC of good humour first. But I'll think about it.

  3. Mattias
    I am laughing so hard over here on Long Island. I've not read your blog in two weeks, so I'm just catching up with Coco the naughty monkey.

    I'm looking carefully at your ink lines, especially the purely horizontal and vertical ones you use for shading. I want a good ink pen.

    The frogs are too funny.

    My favorite is this architectural rendering. It is just amazing. Not too much, not too little detail. I celebrate your talent!

  4. I blush when I hear such praise, if I'm not careful I to will get a fling of hubris thanks PotatoPrint, (hope youre not as stressed any longer). For the architectural rendering I use a hard steel nib, the one you dip in ink. When I do this one I don't clean the nib making the line varied. I'll post the finished rendering tomorrow morning if not tonight.