Sign of the times

Q: why do you not sign your drawings?
A: I do not need to I recognize them anyway.
Last minute signing for this evenings show at Atelier Olschinsky ART STORE Esterhazygasse 11 1060 Wien 19.00 uhr

Exhibition in Vienna


Award-winning Swedish illustratoMattias Adolfsson is known for his humorous and narrative ink drawings. Eccentric characters, bizarre machines, and everyday objects are the elements of his complex sceneries, which are almost impossible to take in all at once.


Eröffnung der Ausstellung / Show Opening 
Friday, 18. November 2016, 19 Uhr / 7 pm

The artist will be present. Signed prints and books will be available!

atelier olschinsky ART STORE
Esterhazygasse 11  ·  1060 Wien

Eintritt frei / Admission free!


Dragon mania

Isfahan scanned

An image from my travel to Isfahan in Iran. I have followed a strict no pencil rule to my drawing during my travels this fall.

a proposal for the modernisation of the Singapore skyline

Drawn while sweating at the smoke and mirrors bar at the National gallery in Singapore, last week.

Stick figures

Eating out at New Ubin Seafood last week in Singapore. Drawn while waiting for my plane home at Singapore airport.

the Dali Katch

The Home Studio This image celebrates the Artist Anton Newcombe and his band the Brian Jonestown Massacre. The band got a record deal and Anton spent it all on a studio starting producing high class psychedelic rock on a vast selection of music instruments. This image is also a reflection on the fascination I feel towards the actual production of music and all the studios that has helped make it.

Image Done for the Dali Katch speaker: 
@dalispeakers #DaliSpeakers #PlayKatch

Air baroque economy class

What to do when the pen runs out of ink halfway through the drawing? As this kind of drawing is kind of taxing I simply switched pens and finished it in red ink. Drawn on my 6 hours trip from Doha to Stockholm yesterday.

holding my breath

Last supper

Leaving Singapore, I will miss all my new friends and the great food.

Book signing

Book signing today at 5 pm
Basheer Graphic Books,
Block 231, Bain Street
#04-19, Bras Basah Complex