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What materials are you using?

I use fountain pens mostly these four pens a sailor Ebonite F, Pilot Falcon EF, a Pilot custom 92 F, and a sailor 1911 EF. I also have a Platinum Carbon desk pen an excellent start for testing fountain pens out. 

I also use a Graphgear 1000 Pentel pencil and brush pens from the same company.  The Pilot Falcon has a stiff nib, not a soft nib I think if you buy a new Pilot Falcon you will get a soft nib.

Can you recommend a cheap Fountain pen?

I have used pens from TWSBI and the platinum carbon desk pen, but I am not a great authority when it comes to different brands, so please seek advice from a pens specialist instead.

How come your lines do not blur when you apply watercolours?

I use permanent inks.

Is it possible to use permanent inks in fountain pens?

I can only speak about my own experiences, and I have had no problems at all, I use my pens all the time, and I never have to clean them or have any clogging issues.

What inks are you using?

DeAtramentis document ink, I also use Noodlers American Eel and Platinum Carbon ink, but for me, deAtramentis works best. 

What do you use as shading?

Watercolours or ink mixed with water.

What watercolours are you using?

Winsor&Newton and Schmincke. 

What sketchbooks are you using?

Moleskine Sketchbook Art collection 165 g/m2 13x21 cm

What paper are you using?

Mostly Saunders&Waterford 300gr Satin but also Archers 300 gr Satin. 

Do you need expensive materials to draw?

Not at all, use what you have at hand it is not the materials that make the art.

What inspires you?

I get a lot of inspiration from visiting new places and meeting other people.

Did you study to become an illustrator?

I have a master of Arts in Graphic design. The focus was on graphic design, so there was little emphasis put towards Illustration.

Do you have any advice for a young illustrator?

Draw as much as possible, sharpen your skills do not look too much what style that is in vogue at the moment and never, never listen to old Artists ;).

What do you think about Digital Illustration?

It’s great, and it has many advantages. I prefer traditional media, though.

Do you plan out your drawings?

When I do my personal drawings, I prefer not to have a specific image in mind when I start. I want the drawing process to be more like a journey. It also helps not to have an image in your head that you have to compare to the finished drawing.

Are you not afraid to make any mistakes when you draw directly with ink?

Not at all. The mistakes just make a drawing more interesting. 

Will you draw a Tattoo for me?

No, but you can use any one of my images when doing the tattoo, as long as you mention me if you post online.

I have written a children’s book will you illustrate it?


Do you do commission work?

Yes, but no private commissions.

I have a question, not on this list can I mail you?

Yes but please to keep it short, I get a lot of mails and are very pressed for time.

How long does it take you to finish a drawing?

Anything from a minute up to a hundred hours, I never clock them so if you are asking about a specific piece then I do not know.

Do you do this as a profession?

Yes, you could say that.

Will you please check out my art?

Sorry I just do not have the time at the moment to give comments. 

Where are you based?

I am living in Sigtuna outside of Stockholm in Sweden, Europe. 

Where can I buy your pen?

Find a shop using a good search engine or at your local fountain pen outlet.

I can’t get any ideas what to draw can you help me?

A well-rounded education helps a lot. Otherwise, you can always try the random approach. Apart from that, it is the ideas that are the key to creativity, and there are no quick-fixes, you will have to figure it out for yourself. 

What artist inspires you?

Too many to mention, but I grew up with the books and comics by the Finnish artist Tove Janson, the Swedish Illustrator Oscar Anderson and all the great comics coming out of France and Belgium.

Why the blue clay in your films?

It is a piece of kneaded eraser for fixing the autofocus

Can I buy your art online?

Yes, from my Etsy shop:

Why is the shipping fee so high?

I have no control over the shipping fee so please don't ask this question (it is expensive to ship overseas if you do not choose to use Amazon, and they you will not earn anything at all from the sale)

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