wrong side of the street

First spread from my new sketchbook, the last that I have in stock (I got six sketchbooks from moleskine some time ago, one of my sketchbooks was out traveling). I will have to order up soon, maybe it's time to try a new brand for a change.

the Bots of Kells

the books of Kells was a great inspiration for me when I was younger, I hope to to something with leaf gold someday

Setup for self broadcasting

the secret behind really interesting television...

It's time for some running

I'm in Gothenburg to run Göteborgsvarvet This year I will try to get the event a baroque flavor, with the right choice of shoeswaterbottle Stopwatch and attire, as it happens I would hardly be seen in this suit, there's always runners in far more flamboyant dress.

Clown fish

I'll see if I can film the process next time I'm to draw something robotic.

More house flowers

I'm pretty short on new ideas for the moment, I'm revisiting some old themes

Big catch

I used a traditional dip pen for a change, the same ink though.

Making the best of the time

The secrets of keeping a successful sketchblog is to post often and to be able to post often you have to sketch a lot. I made this while waiting for my youngest daughter. I had the car parked at the moment, I'm still in practice in sketching while driving..


I made this header for a friends website baktakt (a play on the words baking and rhythm)

Mending an exploding tire

They joy of biking can sometime be hindered by an exploding tire To make a new tire I take a stroll in our rubber plantation Making a spiral cut makes the rubber juice drip into the combined hat/tiremold Pygmy Elephants hate when you take rubber from the trees, beware they are surprisingly nimble Remember to hold a firm grip on the hat (the chase is part of the plan) because a tired pygmy elephant is an excellent pumping device, and the little run has dried the rubber enough as to venture a pumping of the new tire. And remember to be kind to the elephant afterwards...


Just time for a quick drawing today, this is the way I usually wake my wife up.