Book signing tomorrow in Gothenburg

I'll be signing books at Bokskåpet tomorrow 12-14. Värmlandsgatan 20/Tredje Långgatan 29, 41328 Gothenburg

Charity auction

Mattias artwork was made during Örebro International Comics Festival (November 26-27), a large drawing made in front of a live audience! The artwork measures 4 x 1 meters. Now it is up for auction for charity by Musikhjälpen a Swedish week long live radio and TV broadcast. The mission is to create awarness and raise money for a humanitarian cause. This year the cause is to help children in war zones to go to school. The host of the auctions is and unfortunately the information only comes in Swedish. The currency is Swedish krona (kr). 9,16 kr = 1 USD Lägg bud = Place bid The action ends december 17 at 21:40 (CET). In addition to the artwork you also get two signed books by Mattias, Larger than line and All in line. Free shipping

There is still time to get any of our books in time for Christmas

Some of the wonderful comments we have got from our books:

I'm a fellow illustrator.Have admired your work for years and at last got round to treating myself with your wonderful book!I have featured your blog on "my blog list”.

love your work! If you could autograph the book for my son, that would be great!

Mr. Adolfsson, I'm a huge fan and love your work. You are an inspiration to myself and so many others. Thank you for all that you to. Best Wishes.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful art.

I've loved your work ever since i started listening to DGD. Keep it up man and never stop being original.

I will be chairing your session at The Arts House, Play Den on 5th Nov, Singapore.. looking forward to meeting you. Love your work..!!

Hello Mattias I'm big fan of your art! Congrats on your publishing of All in Line :)

I'm so in love with your artworks! So inspiring! Is it possible to get a signed copy from you? if not, it's ok. I'll be very happy to get your artbook anyway!

My partner would rather have this than Legos - you have no idea what that means:)

Hello Mattias! Just discovered your work via Parka Blogs and just loved it! You must certainly be some hybrid crossing of Hergé and Hieronymus Bosch which means very highly rated to me. I'm really glad to be able to grab your book. Thanks a lot!!!!!!

I discovered your work just two days ago on YouTube (Mattias Adolfsson Sketchbook 31) and since then I spent a few of hours on your blog. Love it, it's really inspiring. Your cockpit sketches are awesome. Thanks for your work.

I am interested in you space ship drawings. moon bases, electronics its fascinating to me. Your really good thank you.

Hello Mattias, just to say i love your drawings, they have made me want to draw again. So, thanks a lot and congrats! Ansious to carefully look and enjoy all your books! Keep on going on the line!

I've just become your greatest fan! I look forward to all your new work!

You are the absolute favorite illustrator of the person I'm getting this for. Your work for Dance Gavin Dance is amazing.

I very much enjoy your art and your videos. Thank you for such hard work that gives immensely wondrous results.

My boyfriend really loves your artwork, so this is obviously a gift for him. thank you for making beautiful art!

Love your work dude, keep it up

Birthday gift for son studying fine art at Uni. Can you sign the book? He would love that. thanks,

I like the snippets of the author's life and the humor. Thumbs up for the quality of the paper and the binding.

As with all things done by Mattias this is another great one! Looking forward to more !!

This is a gorgeous book, it arrived super quickly and was very well wrapped so it didn't get damaged. Thanks so much, Matthias!

Merci infiniment Matthias de votre envoi très rapide et reçu avant la Noël. Mon fils,fan de votre travail a été enchanté de recevoir vos cartes en accordéon et s'est empressé de les affichés dans sa chambre. linettecajou fan!

Inspiration arrives in delicately packaged three volume sketchbook set. Christmas Day will be spent pouring over these with a mug of hot chocolate in hand. Thanks, Mattias, for the never ending sketching!!!

total eye candy! this book is a thrill to look at! I'll enjoy it for many years to come!

You're truly one of the greats.

Offline, the accordion style advice companion

A picture card book, 11 motives with some friendly advices on the backside, now only 6US$ and with cheaper shipping (thanks to the Swedish postal service), on My Etsy page


New blankets just in time for Christmas: Atelier Choux