Gallery Nucleus

You now can buy signed copies of the first in line (my first book) from Gallery Nuclues in California, just follow this link or if your a Californian visit the gallery in person.

Fault lines

Flight pattern

a private commission based on the night flight drawing I made in a sketchbook. You can see it closer at: zoom it

One line fables

Stuck duck
Goose with nose
Beast with yeast
Fish on dish
Bear with tear
Funky monkey
Pig with fig
Frog on a log
Hen with pen
Dog with eggnog
Spy fly
Crock with frock

the Soane museum

At last I got the opportunity to visit the Soane museum in London, now we're reconstructing our home with the new ideas we got there.

the record producers

Auto blogger doing it's thing while I check out London, will be back tomorrow.

Walking proud

I'm in London for a couples of days (in the guise as trusty sidekick to my wife who is part in group exhibition), auto blogger will continue blogging.

Even Dairy Farming Has a 1 Percent

Illustration made for the New York Times, you can read the article here, or read it in print this Sunday if you're in the big apple.
some spot illustrations to accompany the large one.

Hectic days at Lion labs

It's hectic days for the lion (you can see the progress over at her blog) as she prepares for a group exhibition in London next week. I will accompany her to London as the "trusty" lab assistent I am. If someone feels like seeing a lab assistant in the flesh drop me a line. You could also visit the show opening at the 1508 Gallery,  14 March 6.30-9.00 pm.

Random snaps

Alone by the window, art can't compete with the wonderful late winter weather
Part of the exhibition, the same procedure as last time...
Pleasures of the dance
At last someone is coming....
Bengt buying a book, Emelie and Björn flipping through some sketchbooks
Some trustworthy robot buyers, daughter inspecting.