Relaxing while at the dentist

I was at the dentist yesterday, not my favorite way of spending my time. My dentist hums all the time while he fixes with the teeth. The humming does not make the experience any easier it makes me think of the film the Marathon man with Sir Laurence Olivier as the dentist.

First in line for the exhbition

We're having a small exhibition with some images from my book at my publishers gallery, more information here. If you are planning to pop over to Sweden come this weekend your most welcome..

It even smells good!

There's still a chance to get a special doodled version of my book (order before the 1 June, or it works to order on the 1 June as well, I'm at the publisher then). Thanks all for the great feedback I've got here's some of the comments I've got, (and some pages from the book). If you want a pristine version of the book it's of course possible to order it after the first.
Got my copy of the book today. It's fantastic. The artwork looks 100 times better on the printed page than the computer screen. One more thing I love about the book is the SMELL! It smells amazing!
I'm from Portugal and i received your book yesterday. I've been in love with your drawings for some time, they inspired me to re-start doodling and drawing. You are a true inspiration!
Thank you for sharing your art!
I have got your book. It is very nice ♥ Thank you for your lovely handwriting!
bought this book at SPX, it's wonderful! I think your pictures are even better in print than on the screen. loved the extra bits, like the interview and the inserted comments.
The world $48 (prices include shipping). 160 pages in English.

Svenska kunder 265 kr skicka ett mail till:

Flying companions

First spread in a new sketchbook, I'm currently using two sketchbooks at the same time at the moment. All of my books where at my publisher while we worked on the book (there's still time left to get the special doodled and signed version of it before the 1 of June)...
I've made a test with the Behance networks Pro sites, you can check the site out at:

In line for signing duty

Off to my publisher for some more signing of my book (we thought that last weeks signing would suffice), thanks all for buying sales have been over our expectations. Remember there's still a week left to get a signed and doodled version of the book, order it direct from the top right of the blog or from this post.

We occupy the scratch page

That is the last spread of the sketchbook which I use as scratching area when I've just refilled my pen

Entering Strängnäs from the north

Spent most of yesterday at my publisher signing more books (thanks all who have ordered, much appreciated). This is an idealized version  of the town, as per usual city planner always stop short of real excellence when planning a town. And remember theres still time to get a signed and doodled version of my book (before the 1 of June), you can order it directly from the link on the top left.

Five year anniversary

Today this blog turns 5 years, a lot of drawing and some great feedback and friends all over the world (not to count all the great commission work it has brought me). I hope I can muster the energy to keep on for five more years.

And remember to order my brand new book before the 1 of June to get it autographed and doodled.

the Spanish armada

Made this spread for an exhibition in Madrid (Swedish-Spanish). And don't forget to buy my book (link to the left or scroll down for the movie), I've just read it, it's great! (I might be biased though)

Tree in space

Back from a short drawing break after releasing my book last weekend, nothing to damper your creativity as being surrounded by your own books.
A day full of signing and doodling books, of to the publisher for some more signing next week. Remember order before the first June to get your book signed and doodled.

Buy my book, the first in line


It is now possible to order my book directly from the publisher: Sold out

buy my new book instead:

the Second in Line (from Sanatorium publishing) by Mattias Adolfsson designed by Jens Andersson two books 112 pages and 32 pages + one poster printed on both sides.

Sold out

SPX 2011, finally the book is finsihed

At last I got to see the finished book and I couldn't be more satisfied with the result
Surronded by my daughters and my evil publisher/designer (Jens Andersson) peeping up between us.
At the release party at Folkbaren. Still some small details before online sales is possible, but you can preorder it at: Sanatorium förlag I will sign every sold copy until the middle of June

The Difference Engine

Illustration made for WIRED Italy, about Charles Babbage and his difference engine

The story of bad tempered Pete

Target practice
Strutting into town
First taste of hard liquor
First gunfight
Showing his pokerface
Finding true love and losing his temper in the process