Flying companions

First spread in a new sketchbook, I'm currently using two sketchbooks at the same time at the moment. All of my books where at my publisher while we worked on the book (there's still time left to get the special doodled and signed version of it before the 1 of June)...
I've made a test with the Behance networks Pro sites, you can check the site out at:


  1. love your blog!!!! :)

  2. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Good luck with the new sketchbook!!! and congratulations on the web :)

  3. le début d'un nouveau book de folie! (french) Thomalouest :)

  4. Just started following your work. It's fantastic and takes me back to my youth. Wonderful, whimsical drawings.

    Love the new site! It's easy to better understand your work as a whole when it's grouped together nicely!

    Please keep up with the "how to"/"process" postings. I find those sorts of articles fascinating!

    I'll be picking up a few pieces of your original work when I can save up a bit! With an upcoming wedding, money appears to disappear rapidly...

  5. Always a treat to see.

  6. Love the new site, really nice. It made me discover some of your work I didn't know.Congrats