Coco and Coca: the pups goes astray, part 2

Knowing the dangers of the Docks.. We went home and changed clothes, the lion was not to happy with my choice of costume for her.. Me and Coco had no luck finding any information.. nor the Lion, well not of the right sort But Coca had! Apparently there had been quit a row at the bloody cauldron, the most notorious pub on the waterfront Inside fear ruled, it was dead silent All were in hiding the bartender pointed at the heart of dread Cocina and Martillo had finally been found! Pure happiness We felt great joy while heading home, leaving behind a lot of relived pirates (and a couple of broken hearts) And now after installing a state of the art security system, the twins will stay put I have (in order to humor the lion) to use the mermaid suit while moving the grass If you happen to visit Sigtuna, and dare enter the docks, you might hear the story told in a alternate version, but remember where you heard it first!


  1. HA! oh those rumed up sailors and their stories of mermaids and monsters.... i always knew there was a shred of truth to it all....

  2. Great!!! I was waiting for it!
    I love it ^__^
    The twins are a great cuple. Do we´ll see this story publicated?
    Where can I buy any of your books? (In case you´ve edited any)

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Marvellous!
    Interesting nappies/diapers your big babies wear.

  4. I will start working on a book soon, maybe Coco and Coca will appear in it,

    thanks all

  5. i love this coco and coca stories :)