It's not fair

My Moleskine sketchbook number 8 is out traveling, today and tree days forward it can be seen at the London Book Fair (at the moleskine stand) and then in Frankfurt this fall.


  1. Hello Mattias! How are you?
    I have small book in the Fair too. Do you think our books can meet and become good friends?

    BEST! :)

  2. congratulations mattias!

  3. Hej Mattias, jag var på mässan idag innan jag läste dagens post. Stannade upp vid Moleskines-ståndet och jag kan rapportera dom tar hand om alla skissböcker mycket väl. Handskar och varsama väktare. Din är så klart hur imponerande som helst!

    English version: It's a great stand at the fair with lots of good work. Mattias'book rocks of course :)

  4. Skoj att någon har sett den!


  5. Next thing you'll know is that it will send you a picture of itself in front of London Bridge...

  6. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Hi, I'm an Illustration student just entering my 2nd year in the UK, I was at the London Book Fair and came across your beloved Moleskin No.8, I could hardly put it down, truely amazing stuff, I wasn't the only one singing its praises though. and don't worry all had to wear gloves while handling the books, so it was well cared for. You've become my new favourite :)

    Keep up the madness
    Ivan Bellew