Gothenburg Antiqua et hodierna

As e are leaving Gothenburg I want to make an inprint of the city, therefore I follow in the Swedish 17 century artist Erik Dahlberg (his great work is called Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna, the old and new Sweden)footsteps in trying to show our city to the world. Artists like to travel with comfort and I'm no exception to this rule, my trusty pygmy elephant have never failed me yet. Two pupils from the page turning academy in Würtburg, helps me with all the practical details, I've progressed from the king size moleskine to the more stately Imperial model. I always travel with a mobile fence to keep the groupies at bay, they're quite keen on baroque artists you know.. To get the perspective right Some famous Gothenburg places The Fish church (Feskekôrkan) Fishing boat (feskejõlle) the Lipstick, (läppstiftet) Gothenburgs only skyscraper The original moleskine spread Hope you all have nice weekends!


  1. Hello! I am from Brazil and I found her blog. Very good their drawings. His/her line is charming and poetic. Congratulations! He/she has just won a fan of his/her work.

  2. Very very nice. It makes me want a walkin moleskin too.
    I know moleskins can be a bit costly, maybe it's time I sold the lexus.

  3. THese are so much fun, you make me want to visit your country. :)

  4. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Vad jag älskar dej!

  5. Oh, I wish I needed a mobile fence! Such style - I imagine your moving itinerary would make very interesting reading!

  6. thanks all its a his by the way Adilson or a he to ;)
    we all need a mobile fence Felicity
    Time to sell the Lexus, don't now if it will suffice for the imperial model though.
    Thanks ALina

  7. I'm looking at these again and I understand the drawings better now that I'm not so rushed. Such fame, I congratulate this artist on it and his epic works. It's important for me to learn to slow down and enjoy the pink elephants.

    Speaking of pachyderms, I read that there were dwarf mastodons that evolved on an island somewhere in Indonesia in the distant past and that they were hunted by tiny hominids. All mammals have a gene that can make them tiny like a Chihuahua. Tiny elephants seem very possible, but pink, that I don't about know. Perhaps if they are crossbred with pigs.

    -- Mr. Useless Information

  8. Thanks Tom, I think I saw a documentary about the "hobbits" if I was a pygmy elephant I think I'd choose pink as color

  9. Anonymous12:48 PM

    helt fabulous i vanlig ordning! vilken enorm fantasis, jag är häpen. schysst med mobilt staket och egna moleskinebläddrare! inte illa! det gäller att stiga i graderna! ;)

    det är fantastiskt allt, dag efter dag!

    och göteborgs kända byggnader, så snygga har jag inte sett att dom varit! :)

  10. Hi Mattias,

    As always your work is so wonderfully whimsical.

    Watch out for those groupies!

  11. lindisimos estos dibujos!!!!

  12. Anonymous10:44 PM

    I really enjoy your blog, your pieces are very unique and interesting.