In line with my Baroque Tools from a couple of weeks ago, combining the best of the functionalism with a taste of Swedish turn of the century Classicism. You might have to enlarge the picture in order to see the modernism


  1. Lindos cubiertos... ¿se venden por docena?

    Pretty places setting. they are sold by dozen?

    Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
    Alexiev Store

  2. Super!and more..

  3. That gives a new definition to 'Fish knives and forks' especially the terrible fork!

  4. I think that using these cutlery pieces would help me loose the weight I need to loose. They would HURT!

    Great imagination and drawings.

  5. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Well...thanks a lot for your inventions! I can't wait to see how a dictator fond of world domination would eat with these forks and knives, at the top of a proto-skyscraper, maybe scribbling some stuff on a moleskine sketchbook with a fountain pen. That would be quite a sight.

  6. Would you extend you line in candle sticks? I do believe they have great potentials...