Trading places

Been doing some commission work today, this is not the actual piece but something I did while waiting for it to dry.


  1. How did that bear get up there? Hahaha! They are lovely, I like the colour of the bear's nose.

  2. I just have a look to your 6th moleskine, please, find a way to publish it…
    I'm full of admiration.

  3. Interesting twosome. Does the monkey fear for his safety, does the bear fear the weakness of the branch, or are they just two buddies hanging out? Nice way to watch paint dry.

  4. You really can´t stop drawing... I`m amazed!

    I really like your work, loved the portable halo!

    Congrats from Argentina!

  5. I would like to publish, I hope to someday.
    The monkey does know about the concept of fear, Jenny

    thanks all

  6. Wonderful, wonderful work! I just adore your style and technique. xxx scarlett