Addicted to blog

According to new research it's possible to be addicted to blogging and constant email checking, akin to chemical addiction apparently. While reading about this I felt a pang of recognition is this someone else have to, should one be worried? And on the lighter side, house bliss And if your still with me, why not visit Argentina and two great bloggers: diburtimentos with some wild drawing, (Freud whould have a field day) and mi-bulin, his stuff always make me think of music, (it's got a jazzy feel to it). And try to stay out of addiction , go out and get some fresh air!


  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I very rarely check blogs or e-mail, I'm not addicted at all. In fact it's been hours since my last visit!

    I'm glad I don't have robots to do the housework or I'd spend even more time on the computer!

  2. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Good morning Swedish Guy

    Yes, the addiction is a problem. what did we do before e-mail and blogging? Just pick our noses and fish ear wax out of our ears? I can't remember.

    I love the drawing of you + laptop + cat + pyjamas. Very similar to the scenario that appears each morning at 6 a.m. in my house. How do you make your drawings look so effortless?!

    PS: I liked your comment on my blog about religion. I am drawn to spirituality, but repelled by religion. My dad used to ask, "Was any war every started by an atheist?"

  3. Aha your an addict of the worst kind Felicity, would you be interested of buying a robot to do the surfing for you then?

    Potato Print: to be honest I felt bad of coming out as an Atheist on your blog I might have choosed a better venue. But you asked for fright and that's what scares me, Americans tends to be very on edge when stating that you are a non believer.
    Drawing tends to get more and more effortless the problem is to get new ideas, sometime I think that this was my last and now I'm spent..
    You took a break from blogging maybe that would be a good idea sometimes..

  4. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I need to confess too! I'm addicted! Have to be dragged kicking and screaming away from the computer in order to go on family outings.(ok I'm not THAT bad but.....)
    I visited my parents over the weekend and thier cat is just like this! Always in the middle of anything that brings attention away from him. If cats could blog I wonder what might happen!! They'd be total comment whores.

  5. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Boy, I think it's been about 7 minutes since my last check of the blog.

    Great job on this! Really enjoy it.

  6. Lindsay, I think cats are to self absorbed to leave comments, but as for blogging they blog constantly :)
    7 minutes, that's eons compared to me, must start leaving of the weekends I suppose

  7. Anonymous11:02 PM

    oh my God.. i check my email every ten minutes... it wont be long before they put me in a straitjacket!

  8. and i make plans giving structure to my days, sometimes i need that. saying: today you will go online only in the evening from 9 to 10. it's hard, and it works not often, but i feel the need to do so. (i hate addictions in general and particularly if i feel that something gains control over me. makes me crazy, i want to control).

  9. Maybe you shoul set an alarm clock every time you go online

  10. Not addicted..just enjoy the smiles I get from seeing your work!

  11. Addiction to blogging and constant email checking... ah, Iii.... well...
    do they have NN meetings? :P

    It can be a good thing tho, - for others. :) Frequently updated blogs are the best, and you are a good bloggaholic Mattias.

  12. nykra alkolister? OB (obsessive bloggers)