guys OR men OR boys "high waist pants", the trick Google plays on us

I've been collecting some of the Google searches that wound up on my site, I doubt that they end up being regular readers: drawings on the founding fathers, artwork of the valkyrian sexy self portrait drawings and sketches for him gift is ink bad for my dog mythology asbestos sweden dragster godzilla vs king kong conceptual arts marvel muscles handsome and my all time favorite guys OR men OR boys "high waist pants" -woman -women what where they looking for? Can't let a day go bye without some kind of art work can we? There is i higher resolution version of The future here


  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Dinosaurs must have had their shoes heeled so often. Could cobblers be responsible for their extinction?

    Congrats, Mattias, on being the high waist pant king of the internet!

  2. Being the high waist king of the Internet was the reason i got into the game, what, oh what shall be my goal now.
    Scientists have found that there where a sharp decline i shoe fashion around the year 67 million b.c, it could be connected.;O)

  3. And a very colourful future it is...:)

  4. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Hey Mattias, I accidently made a drawing about high waist pants recently, but I don’t think they were looking for me. Check the link.

    My favourite search thingy was on the site of a friend of mine: [in dutch] "forgot the key to the door how do I get inside"