Party at Camilla and Ingvar

Yesterday we went to a party at Camilla Engman and her husband Ingvar, I made this small picture for it. The text reads: on every good pig there goes 39 bad. Vary nice party thanks to you both. These days I get hanged over easily, yesterday I drank a drink called the Astronaut, you have to have a rudimentary knowledge of the Swedish space program to understand the picture below. Piles of Sketchbooks 3 are missing but I think you'll get the message Different sizes I used to have delusions of grandeur, the bigger the sketchbook the older they are The toy brush really makes this picture


  1. I love this drawing. How did you get depth in there without a horizon line? The parody is wonderful -- each pig is different and horrific in its own way. I'm a very friendly person, but I fear parties. You have captured my view of them completely.

    I'm sorry you are hung over. Did you try a raw egg in tomato juice? That's what cowboys do.

  2. Thanks Caroline, I have a fear of parties as well, not as much now after I started blogging, if I don't feel at ease I can always come up with new tricks to the blog. I painted it with tea. I think I'll wait it out instead, the cowboy way seems pretty ruff

  3. Hi Mattias,
    I like your kind of drawing very much. And I'm also an sketchbook-addict. Your foto "Piles of Sketchbooks" is exactly what I've made for my website. Look here: ivo's sketchbook

    On the left is a text-link "exemplare" to a very similar foto... :-)

  4. I really like your work! cool style :)
    greetings from Montreal( canada)

  5. Thanks Ivo, very nice style
    Thanks Katerine and Alexei

  6. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Oh my gawd.
    I MUST send my flying monkeys to Sweden and steal your sketchbooks.
    they are amazing.

  7. I love the picture of all your open sketchbooks - some great drawings there!

  8. WOW!! MY god, your sketchbooks look awesome!! Dang too bad you are so far away, I would like to flip through those pages!!

  9. Thanks, my sketchbooks are guarded by an evil sphinx, it doesn't matter how many monkeys you send:)

  10. Ouh, I didn't visit your blog for a while and you made thousands of new drawings.

    Loved those made by brush. They are so pretty, so simple. They are incredible.

    The thing I liked the most are your beautiful sketchbooks. They really are amazing.
    Don't know how to say it in English and even if you would understand the expression, but it's something like... nevermind. It sounds awful.

    what I was trying to say simply was: I really would like to be able to hold these books with my hands. Something like that.