Charles de Gaulle - Praha - Arlanda - 8 Hours

Just came back from France (I will try to post some photos of the event tomorrow. I had a wonderful time in Clermont-Ferrand (did not see that much of the city though, the days where packed. Unfortunately the books I brought with me sold out on the first day, but if you want a signed copy I still have some copies over at my Etsy Shop. The flight home was rather convoluted as I flew over Prague (and had a five hour wait there), but it made it possible for me to finally give a better estimate how long time each spread takes to do (that was the most common question on the conference). This image clocked in under just eight hours.


  1. So many wonderful details in your work.

  2. Please tell me you penciled this first. Or did you just inked it straight without any reference. I need to know and get some advice from you too.

    Thanks for this piece

  3. For this kind of drawings I need some lines, otherwise I think I'd go nuts

    thanks all