French mysterie

While I was in France two week's ago I got some live comments regarding this image, they said that they had seen this image in print in a french book, (or possible a image that look's exactly the same). It would be interesting if someone recognize the publication. Going away to Lübeck for a couple of days, but autoblogger will post some random images while I'm away.


  1. FutureLibrarian10:08 AM

    I'm french and I have the feeling that I have already see this tree but I don't now where. May be it(s just a feeling because of what you write.

  2. Absolutely wonderful as usual! What kind of pen do you use? What size nib do you usually use? Love it!

  3. Love the art work. The blog is one of the first things I check in the morning. I also have your book. Wish I had ordered it when you were autographing them...oh well.

  4. I love the illustration. I have not seen another like it although I think it belongs to the imagination. Have a good trip...

    Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

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  5. Hi Mattias, they might have referred to this book: Diapason by Laëtitia Devernay though it seems to me it's just a slight resemblance, I leave it to you to judge!