8th Moleskine

Flip book film of my 8th moleskine sketchbook the Whaler, made last years was shortlisted in the London International Creative Competion


  1. So you weren't joking about the fondness for ostriches!

  2. Anonymous7:44 PM

    What a treat to peak into your fabulous book. I love your work and your drawings always get me thinking!

  3. Anonymous9:23 PM

    hey, congrats! i remember seeing the whaler last year here at your blog.

    i´m off to watch the movie.

  4. I'll bet you have your brand new 9th Moleskine waiting...
    My first Moleskine is almost at the end, only remain 2 blank pages! But the second Moleskine is still wrapped up, waiting...
    Have you expose your Moleskines?? Is a great way to make a exposition!!
    by the way... Have a great 2008!!!

  5. Meagan, I never joke when it comes to ostriches

    Flávia, the 9th is waiting still in it's wrapper

    thanklks Morgana, Ksklein and Martha

  6. Amazing stuff! ( and we have similar wedding rings)