Big game hunting at the spring salon

During the night my bootblack had escaped, and as our home town looks rather negative on serfdom the possibility to find a local one was very slim. the very same day though, the Lion got a mail from Liljevalchs Konsthall, she was part of the Spring Salon, even though I hesitated going to town without black boots the possibility to catch a new bootblack at the salon was tempting, struggling artist makes the best bootblacks. Without much ado we aimed for the capital, the lion happy to show her art, me excited of the appending big game hunting. At the Salon the lion soon was deluged by the press This gave me time to concentrate on hunting. I took post behind a bush and soon saw plenty of excellent game. at last my choice was a rather sturdy artist, the climate up north can take it's toll on the more sensitive artist. I put my artist in a cardboard box and soon I could take on the life as the perfect country squire again, nothing makes a man as a good pair of shining boots. And as for the bootblack, he seems to blend in perfectly with our other staff, my boots have never been shinier!


  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    fantastic! :D

    i want more of these :)

  2. Hi Mattias,

    I can't tell you how happy I was to have discovered your art, so much so that I have recently taken up painting as a passe-temps.


  3. Would it be possible for me to borrow your carriage-boys sometimes, please?

  4. Congratulations to Cecilia - and you for getting your shiny boots!

  5. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I like too much your illustrations so i give to you “You make my day” award.
    For more details visit my blog

  6. Whoa! a friend told me about you, incredible, Fantastic work!

  7. crazy inspiration!
    i like your work a lot!
    thanks and bravo monsieur!

  8. Thanks all
    Cecilia thanks Felicity.
    We don't borrow out our Chippendals, but I plan to post some tip's how to best start your own heard of Chipps. It's not that hard!

    Thanks for the “You make my day” award, I'm rather reluctant to continue these kind of things though (chain things that is)