a broken frame

Trying to decide what images to frame for the upcoming show.


  1. the building on the right, the boat on the left, and the plane in the middle. my2c.

    looks great!

  2. and all three house flowers plus the upside boat at the top of the photo -
    you just can't go wrong - they are all great.

  3. It really promises, Matias!

  4. I agree with the previous post that you can't go wrong with anyone you decide on.

    The photo of these pieces together, on your desk, really insightful.

    Good luck on your show.

  5. it is very difficult. i think. - all works are gooooood!!!

  6. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Two from each type so that they can be seen side-by-side.

    Now that you've had all these suggestions hope you're not even more confused :-) As everyone says, you can't go wrong whichever ones you choose.

  7. Wish I was in Sweden then. I would love to go to that show.

  8. Which ever you decide upon, you can bet that you'll change your mind the next minute, eh?

  9. I think I'd be lying if I said any one of them didn't "deserve" a frame, so...

    I'd go with....

    If I had to....

    all of them.

    You seem to favor the cream colored/ off-white/ warm white paper, so the far right "bright white" paper with the house really jumped out at me.

    And I'm always totally impressed with your architectural details!