the Mock deer

It's not easy finding bona fide Deers these days you know even the experts get fooled easily


  1. That's a beautiful Santa and sleigh. Are you planning on baked ham for Christmas dinner?

  2. I was told by a Finnish friend that the Swedes are claiming Santa Claus as a citizen of their country (she said it with a bitter tone, the Finnish have something against Swedes I'm afraid).

    Is this true? By chance, does he live in your neighborhood?

  3. Will there be another one along in a minute, carrying the presents?

  4. Hahahahah! Great! Look at that sled!! Wonderful as always:)oh, and Happy Holidays

  5. Jenny: Some Ham there will be, we're only quasi vegetarians yet.

    Terry: the Finnish tend the Swedes are to soft (maybe we are), as I understand Santa lives on the north pole

    Elizt:There will be a shortage on presents this year I'm afraid

    thanks Martin

    and thanks all

  6. What a de(e/a)r piggy... (Sorry night humour)
    I can't believe how productive you are, especially considering the quality of your work! Thanks for the laughs n merry Christmas!