Complete set

I filmed while drawing (my set up makes drawing rather hard, the camera is kind of in the way), then I speed up the clip by a factor of four. I Here's the finished image.


  1. just flat out awesome! thanks!!!!

  2. thanks for the video. i really admire your work. it looks effortless seing you drawing

    have you considered giving some e-classes on drawing or something? i do believe you have some good tips to share ;)

  3. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Thank you so much for this!

    By my reckoning, this drawing only took you about half an hour or so. I always believed you must be incredibly fast; this confirmation is just staggering. I also wish I could have enough confidence to just allow a drawing to grow organically on the page as as you do, rather than my endless preparation, tentative strokes and one correction after another. That's just one of the (hundreds of things) I admire about your work. *Kowtows*

  4. Very cool video, Mattias!

    It's really neat to see how you draw!

    I thought for sure that you sketch the entire subject first then go back and fill in all the details.

    But apparently you start from a certain point and inch your way down!

    Who knew!


  5. Always loved your artwork, so much depth & style, your content is always awesome.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this video.
    Loved the arc in your index finger when you draw ;)

    Keep us amazed!
    Yahya Ehsan