Two years of blogging

One of my first posts was an old dry point with a cow hanging from a Telfer, just to show how far I have moved theme wise in two years spent (in those days I was satisfied with one meager mammal hanging by a thread, now I'm up to three). When I started with this thing I read that it takes about two years of work until a blog gets consolidated, can't say that I feel very consolidated but this thing helped me break away from the game industry.


  1. Happy anniversary, happy break and all.
    Best wishes for the consolidated part (for some reason I have visions of cement skyscrapers for that... Some upscale version of the third little pig's house I suppose).

  2. 2 years… and you became a reference. now we heard about the "mattias inks style".

    compleaños feliz !

    (tomorrow is my first year anniversary of blogging, and for sure it makes me evoluate, in my way…)

  3. Hemska tanke; att du aldrig tagit steget...... Tack för två lyckliga år och hoppas det blir många fler.

  4. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Happy birthday!
    I'm a french comic's author, sorry for my bad english in these words...
    This is the first message I post on your blog, but I follow your work since on year with attention and jealousy :)
    You're a greatest drawer and I would like to draw like you, in secret :)
    Congratulations, I stop now, my english is too ugly!

  5. Congrats!I just have the feeing I discover in your work a new,reinvented Albrecht Durer!Your drawings are so impressive:colors,composition,all..just great job!