the Swedish house in Kavala

or "Gästhemmet i Kavalla" have been my home for the last three warm weeks. You can read more of the house on this link (you can switch to English if you prefer it but you'll lose the images" It's a really wonderful house with a lot a space for eating (or reading) Day time the the house is rather quite everybody (scientist, scholars , authors and an occasional artist) works but evening time the different eating places fill up The roof night time is quite spectacular, day time its almost to hot And a big thanks to Carita, Stella and all the inhabitance of the house, today my family missed the plane here (due to me booking in my name and Lufthansa not allowing for name changing) I go a wonderful support. we managed to get another (last minute reservation) here and they will arrive to Kavala this Sunday instead. A week on the trusty autoblogger will blog for you.


  1. jag antar att det känns som om du varit borta länge, men herregud vad dom 3 veckorna har gått fort här hemma!
    Det ser väldigt fint ut. Hälsa familjen.

  2. It looks wonderful. I've enjoyed your Greek series! Have a nice holiday!

  3. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Oh! what I see!? another type of drawing! a bit of "realism"...Really good too!!!
    Nice place for holidays!
    Have a good time!

  4. are you on a sponsored trip?

  5. Yes Ellis it's sponsored through the Swedish Illustrators association

    det ska jag Camillla

    thanks Felicity
    and curandera/diablesse/niki

  6. Congratulations! Just read about your working holiday on the IF blog. Well deserved, & I hope it's an inspiration for you.