Tough to follow

One more in the animals on top of each other


  1. On one leg! That's Olympic.

  2. i like your style! magic inks!

  3. I really love your work and if I might be allowed to ask a possibly stupid question, I would ask how you do it.
    Which is to say, when you make one of these great little works of art in say a Moleskin, do you pencil something in first then watercolor then go back and add your ink lines, or do you just draw in ink and then watercolor on top of it (which seems like it would lead to a lot of ruined ink lines)?
    I was just curious, and I thank you for your time.

  4. i like this one the most.... simple but unique
    i´m your bigest fan! go on drawing, mattias!!! greatings from an spanish in méxico