Beach sketching

Made this sketch while relaxing at the beach after drawing the extractor of the last post, now I'm off to the beach yet again. There was some kind of rave party in Kavala yesterday so not to much sleep... In Greece the laundry dries in under one hour if you hang it in the open, the joy, the joy. I think I will wash alot here in Sweden you never can be sure when the next rain will come


  1. I was curious to know if you ever draw spacemen?

  2. porcos são legais

    Pig cool

  3. You are a funny one!
    That pram group is perfection.

  4. inte varje dag man stöter på en alingsåsare på plajan, grattis!
    jasså, du tvättar. roa dig du, utan en tanke på dina kära där hemma