Back from our vacation

After tree weeks on a small Island (Stora Kornö, on the west coast of Sweden) and no thought on blogging I now return to the sordid reality. The weather has been great with a lot of swimming but also an occasional break for drawing, I've got a nice pile of drawings and a sketchbook filled with random sillyness all they need for publication is some color. Expect more vehicles and mechanical fishes the next couple of weeks


  1. Hello Mattias. I'm a member of the Flight group, that's how I found you. Your drawings and blog are wonderful, I really enjoy the view inside your head. Thanks for the fun and I look forward to all the new ones. best, Paul.

  2. Lovely to have you back Mattias, but I hope your reality is not too sordid!!

  3. Hi. How are you? Do you remember me? Unfortunatelly we had to stop the magazine... too bad but I'm still here to see you and to admire your wonderful work...

    Kisses!... and thanks for everything... See you soon!