Digital junkies

I'm always fascinated/shocked by the amount of digital equipment that the commuters bring on the train. Not just on the train, nowadays people are constantly online. I managed to return from our short skitrip with all limbs intact, maybe thanks to the fact that I was not online while going down hill.


  1. Haha i love this, you are so right, i get the train everyday for college and the amount of digital stuff that people bring. I saw one guy with his iPod touch, macbook on the table and he had an iPad in his hands. Now i think he was trying to show off but one of those digital equipment could do mostly everything he needed to do so why use all 3 at the same time for a 20min journey. Some people, neither the less great work once again :)

  2. I have u in my feeds, so i can se all ur post... but today i have to say: I see myself in the train!
    A short hello from Colombia! :D

  3. Anonymous3:15 AM

    It' a different world for sure. We are so fortunate to be able to retreat into our sketchbooks.

  4. Loving this one!

  5. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Wow, amazing detail!

    I couldn't help noticing the signs that say "Somme" and "Ypres", on the windows. They are both famous battlefields of thhe first world war, is it somme kind of inside joke? :)