Coco and Coca, the waiting game

Coca has morning sickness The Ultra sound, revels two sentinels. Coco is overjoyed Coca gets strange lusts for exotic foods Coca no longer can wear her favorite boots Coco turns his artistic talents to fashion design Coca studies We help them put a home together Now starts the waiting game


  1. What a wonderful little tale. How very helpful of you to build them a treehouse. Am I correct in thinking that you studied architectural design and not structural engineering? hehehe! I think that you would be very well suited to creating children's books. Your illustrations remind me of Quentin Blake but with a more nervous line.

  2. You right in your assumption Forbes, but I hope it will stay up anyway with the force of wishful thinking.

  3. Underbart. Undrade just när vi skulle få se mer av de unga tu. Älskar när Coco syr och huset är ljuvligt (kanske en idé att leta träd i Sigtuna istället...) / Ellen

  4. Anonymous3:39 PM

    haha. och så sitter han och syr helt plötsligt lixom. out of the blue. och hon läser childcare with spock. och hon kan inte ha sina favvostövlar längre. hahah.
    det är underhållning på högsta nivå måste jag säga!
    tack för att du förgyller vårt dagliga liv med din fantasi!

  5. oohhh..thats sweet! all the best for coco, coca and the kids! (is she still going to lay an egg?)

  6. No that was just that the vet specialized in ducks Ana
    nja tror vi väljer hus ändå!
    Spock han kunde han Anne
    Thanks Elizabeth

  7. Hi Mattias.
    I found your Blog jumping from Claudia Checcaglini's Blog!!!
    You have wonderful works here. I love your pictures and your style. My best complimets.
    I come back soon!


  8. I've just looked at a month of this blog and I'm thoroughly fascinated. Your work is quite clever, whimsical and beautiful. Although I see much of my own subject matter, such as your tiny pachyderms, it comes from a very different mind/hand.

    I'll need to see more but I'll be looking slowly and carefully.

  9. Ooooh how exciting. They must be anxious ... so do they know the genders of the baby monkeys from the scan? That little tree house ROCK!!

  10. Can we see what's inside the house too?

    Looks like you have a good insight on their lives ;)

  11. Coco & Coca RULES!!!!!