Spent the better part of yesterday and today on a train, between Gothenburg and Stockholm. As stated before the movement of the train makes drawing quite difficult and tiring. The first spread Movable City, gave me an awful cramp Therefore I switched between this spread, Miracles at the beauty parlor. And of the train i manage to finsih this one a practical airplane And on the way home I made an experiment between the train between Stockholm and Märsta on the right, Creativity and on the left Samovar. between Stockholm and Gothenburg And the thing is I'm doing the same trip tomorrow!


  1. All these pages ROCK, but my favourite is the top on!! It's like Van Gogh with great sense of humor!!

  2. COOL!!!Man, your so creative!!!

  3. Well, at least you'll have blog material. Although, YOU don't seem to have as much a problem with that as I do.

    This is good stuff as usual. Especially like the birds and tree sphere from the other day also.

  4. too much eye candy mattias, gotta love that first illustration, ur inking skills are genius as always

    cheers man!

  5. Anonymous12:24 PM

    hallå mattias!

    hur gör jag för att köpa en print av dig?
    "futurum" är vad jag skulle vilja ha, till att börja med...
    kanske eventuellt någon mer, beroende på vad du ska ha för dom? är det olika pris på printsen?

  6. Anonymous10:47 PM

    How totally and completely fabulous! I hope you are a fan of Hayao MIYAZAKI, I'm thinking of his recent movies "Howl's Moving Castle" and his "Laputa: Castle in The Skye"

  7. I can see how Movable City could give you a hand cramp. It is quite beautiful though. When I develop a cramp I switch to my other hand to draw. It's a different me but it works.

    Drawing is a nice way to tolerate the monotony of public transportation. Sometimes the best subjects go flying by or are traveling with you. Great drawings all around.

    Funny thing, because I like airships, someone sent me a link to a little movie of a pedal-powered one on Chris Roberson's blog. And who did I discover there -- you, and you write about your moleskins. So I was meant to discover you eventually.

  8. guauuuuu! your work is wonderfull!!
    increible, maravilloso, inquietante, me fascina!!!

  9. Sorry for the lack of recommenting, this travelling business sure takes it toll,
    I have only watched Spirited away by Hayao MIYAZAKI, loved that film. But can't say that he is an influence.
    Jag återkommer Anne

    thanks all

  10. Anne, ett A3 print (som Futurum) kostar 200kr ett A4 150kr

  11. Really enjoyed this moveable city...whew a lot of work on that one!!