the Blog Empire, part nine

the Combat thongIn order to travel my army needs some way of high tech gadget. I have an idea for a thong but I'm a more of an idea man, I gave the Lion some short descriptions, what I'm after is ability to fly and float. The Lion soon has a prototype, but she has problem with bulk. The Chippendales will not let their thongs be to bulky. The first buoyancy tests are disastrous, luckily no Chipps come to harm. Soon though, the Chippendales where floating on the water, the prior problem soon forgotten. The first flying test where also a big disappointment they keep exploding, in order to keep the thong small the lion had to make the thong ultra thin. The lion would have to invent a new type of material. And soon the lion can show me the finished product a true Combat thong! Once again the Lion lab had made miracles!