the Blog Empire, part six

the bow tie Army The lion has told me about her problems with the growing Chippendale herd. Suddenly it dawns on me, I can solve the lions problem! This is the army I'm been searching for! But first I have to have an uniform, Dressed to kill I now had everything I needed to start an Army. But when I was among the Chippendales I found that they ignored me, they where not impressed at all. Consulting with the Lion she informed me that Chippendales are picky when choosing their leaders, and that they never listen to anyone without a thong. In order to lead a Chippendale army I had to become one.. This for me was a big step, not only in a fashion sense. In order to muster strength I took a stroll through our picture gallery. As it happened I found me in front of an image of Charles IV. Charles IV he became a Catholic in order to ascend the throne of France. If he could sacrifice his beliefs I can sacrifice my clothes. An Empire is well worth a Thong.. TO BE CONTINUED