the Blog Empire, part three

Back to school In order to make it big in this world I needed to extend, but my own resources are limited, I needed a new idea. I started to read and it soon dawned upon me, I needed to start a blog empire, but how? Lucky for me the local University holds a week long course in empire building! the course is quite extensive and is both theoretical and practical. In one lecture we are asked to talk about our personal Impirator favorite, mine being Queen Victoria (her sense of fashion is not surpassed in my opinion) In one practical workshop we play an extreme version of musical chairs (with just on chair), this will help us to be ruthlessly while usurping the throne. This is also learned in the game "King of the Hill", a good Imperator never quits. After a hard week of studying we all go our laurel leaves (a must for an up and coming Imperator) . Now how to start an empire? TO BE CONTINUED