the loop of death

The winter in Sweden has been wonderful this year with much snow and with ample opportunities for cross country skiing. To ski is wonderful but you have to be aware of all the dangers that lurks in the woods. I always carry a brake for those hard to handle downhill passages. Asta our Terrier checks the snow for dangerous moles, they can bring havoc on our equipment given half a chance. The woods are full of fashion scouts (the newest fashion trends are first seen amongst us skiers), in order not to reveal my fashion secrets I always bring a large paper bag to wear. The Lion, more used to warmer climates, wears her complete wardrobe when skiing. The most dangerous creature in the forest are the evil squirrel. It's hard to tell the difference between an evil squirrel and a good one, but a good rule is to examine the eyes. Evil squirrel has a hard quality to their eyes. Evil squirrels favorite past time is to catch skiers in a trap called the death loop. In order to lure skiers they make a mock track and then wait for the skier to arrive... When the skier enters the loop, the evil squirrel brushes the entrance track away leaving only the loop track. The unfortunate skier is trapped in an eternal loop with no way out. Come spring the forest is full of bones from looped skiers. Luckily for me I've got Asta to protect me, she is unsurpassed when it comes to evil squirrel spotting.