Swat cleaning

Apart from the joy of disturb Astas beauty sleep tidying the house up is not my favorite way of spending my weekends, but sometimes it has to be done Reading the daily newspaper I saw that the local Swat college was to start a new course. Wouldn't a special operation team just be the perfect cleaners? Searching the Internet I soon had a cunning plan. First I gave the Swat instructor a spiked drink, then taking his place as a teacher. At first a hesitated would my pupils fall for it? No problems soon I was learning out how to use a wide array of tactical anti terror weapons (i.e cleaning utensils) My pupils soon showed great skills in dusting.. washing and vacuum cleaning, my work was done and now as soon as our house needs a good clean I just call for my own Swat unit.. As for the real teacher I let my mother take care of him when I took his place as the Swat instructor He soon found a great liking to the art of knitting and when returning to the role of instructor a new breed of Swatters where born, beware criminal masterminds where ever you are.


  1. I would love to see your work animated too.

  2. Mattias!

    LOL at the first illustration. Love the body language and facial expression on that dog!


  3. Wonderful stuff

  4. What did you do while they worked, Mattias? Baked a cake? Arranged the flowers?

  5. For my dog, hoovering is part of his beauty sleep / spa treatment! hahaha! :D