It even smells good!

There's still a chance to get a special doodled version of my book (order before the 1 June, or it works to order on the 1 June as well, I'm at the publisher then). Thanks all for the great feedback I've got here's some of the comments I've got, (and some pages from the book). If you want a pristine version of the book it's of course possible to order it after the first.
Got my copy of the book today. It's fantastic. The artwork looks 100 times better on the printed page than the computer screen. One more thing I love about the book is the SMELL! It smells amazing!
I'm from Portugal and i received your book yesterday. I've been in love with your drawings for some time, they inspired me to re-start doodling and drawing. You are a true inspiration!
Thank you for sharing your art!
I have got your book. It is very nice ♥ Thank you for your lovely handwriting!
bought this book at SPX, it's wonderful! I think your pictures are even better in print than on the screen. loved the extra bits, like the interview and the inserted comments.
The world $48 (prices include shipping). 160 pages in English.

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