Page ranking

Found out the other day that my blog has leaped a step in the google page ranking system. I think that our modern world lacks in coherent rites and as a mend for this this is a suggestion to google how to improve the ranking procedure. For Every step up the ranking you get a new medal, the first step you get the medal from a local googler, but from the step 7 and upward you get to get to fly to the google headquarters Shangri-la in the Himalayas. For the last step, level 9 you get to walk up the emerald steps to master chief getting the ultimate token directly from his divine hand. As you might suspect my knowledge of the page ranking system is a bit vague, but I noticed that it is easier to find my name when googling


  1. Hello!!
    I love your Moleskine sketches very much!!
    I envy your talent!!!
    Keep drawing!!!

  2. Do you get googley eyes when you rise up the rankings too?

  3. Im tense about my google rank and cry easily