Outbound flight


  1. Much respect Mattias!

    I appreciate if you take a time to access our new Brazilian clothing website.

    If your illustration wins the monthly contest, we'll send you USD$150,00 via PayPal.

    Firstly: Download the PSD template with all available colors. Your design must have 400x400 px size/ JPEG
    The template is here: http://www.miink.com.br/v1.0/miink_template.zip

    Second: Send to mariana@miink.com.br your jpeg file with a brief history about you (like country and achademical/ professional background so we can give the credits related to your artwork (Sorry, we still don't have the website in multiple languages).

    Third: It's done!! We'll add your illustration into the contest and if you receive as many votes to become one of the winners, we'll let you know by e-mail, arrange your payment and require the vetorial file to print the tees.

    Thank you/ Gracias/ Merci/ Obrigado/ Dank!

    Miink Crew