Ink Quiz

Today as promised I have a small quiz open for a week, real original art to be won! Send the answers to 1.What is the name of this species? 1. Piggie X.Pird 2. Piggles 2.What is the name of Coco's friend? 1.Loco X.Silo 2.Dar co 3.What music genre mends a broken heart like no other?(according to coco) 1.Finnish Tango X.Islandic hip hop 2.Norwegian rai 4.In order to conquer Rome Hannibal used Elephants, what breed did he use? 1.Indian X.Pygmy. 2.African 5.What's the prime Airline choice when it comes to visiting holy places? 1.Baroque Air X.Naval Air 2.Templar Air 6.What small Island does the blog moderator heritage from? 1.Hisinge X.Lidingö 2.Stora Kornö 7.What is the main ingredients in Swedish Fondue? 1.Brown Gravy X.Cheese 2.Brown ale 8.In this epic battle Moderno took on it's most formidable opponent to date, what was his name? 1.Chezilla X.Neo-classico 2.Brutalico Win a comet! original art work, send your answers to the quiz ends a week from now