Dictator world

We know the type Full of them self, driven by the will to power and a lust to enrich them selfs They put dissidents in prison Starts war of conquest And arrange bloodbaths They surround them self with spineless yes sayers, they are almost impossible to get rid of spare revolutions (which tend to produce new Dictators) But we at Dictators world have a solution to the problem. We remove the Dictator from his habitat and relocates him to our special amusement park. With our suck-o-copter we have him removed without danger to any lifes We inform the Dictator that he has been attacked by terrorists and need to be in a hospital for quit some time At the time we build a perfect replica of the Dictators home contry We educate a staff of Yes-sayers Who are presented to the dictator, informing him about the fact that all the old ones died in the attack They yes sayers are informed to encourage the dictators megalomania. Taken form his original habitat the Dictator no longer can pose a threat but shown as ridiculous he really is