Give me a reason for not changing

Earth is at peril According to a majority of scientists the earth is getting warmer the main culprit in this warming is, according to them, humans burning of fossil fuels Other scientist reading the statistics in another way say that is due to the sun and that we might be going into a colder spell Other skeptics on climate change use a more colorful vocabulary
And some have rather far flung theories on energy sources Those who believe that climate change is a fact, sometimes have pretty radical solutions to the problems But even if all the people who think that climate change is a fact and that the earth is in utter danger.... and all the skeptics who think that global warming is the greatest hoax in human history are right
wouldn't a shift to a more sustainable way of living, less stressful to the environment, be a good thing? What's there to loose in gearing the earth towards sustainable energy sources. Ponder if 1.3 billion Chinese would live the extravagant lifestyle of your average Californian... they would need six more earths to sustain them and who wants to explain to them that they can't? Read more at and at and then wind down at listen to some really interesting lectures at the 21th century school