Dogs dogs dogs

Knitdog Fully developed Dachshund. Giraffe dog Poodle prototype


  1. nice giraffe-dog
    maybe you know about this:
    draw a giraffe for Ole

  2. Anonymous1:58 PM

    He-he-he! I love coming to your site for my daily giggle. You really provide a very good service here and are responsible for making me smile every time I visit.

    Also, it's such a pleasure to see so much talent used in conjunction with your off-beat take on life.

  3. always fun, always fresh. I found your YouTube videos the other day, really cool to see how small some of these must be!

  4. I laughed out loud at the fully-developed tube dog.
    You are the best!

  5. Hey, this giraffe dog! I was just telling someone I wanted to get a miniature giraffe instead of a dog- of course, you thought of it and drew it- how wacky is that?

  6. Haha, giraffe dog is a hoot :)