I am sailing

Most of the drawings I made this summer was made in my sketchbooks, this is one is not. We had the opportunity to sail around our island (Stora Kornö) when we had some friends who came visiting. They have an old tree sailing boat (folkbåt), the trip took about two hours. I have one piece in the group exhibition Lonely Robots at the Magic Pony, Toronto. If your in town give it a peek, unfortunately it's to far off for me


  1. I saw this Blind Robot at the show last night! it was a highlight for me. great work.. I am a great admirer.

    ink on!

  2. Anonymous10:36 PM

    man those drawings wiv the many details take my breath

  3. Love em, especially that first one. The verticality of the piece is lots of fun, and of course, beautifully drawn.