the Marble church

Made this while in Copenhagen last weekend, spent this Saturday running in Lidingö (I managed to run 6 seconds faster than Börje Salming, Swedish hockey legend) and was so tired yesterday .that I didn't manage to blog.


  1. I love it! I love your work!

  2. Du är en mästare! Mera!

  3. hi mattias!

    i follow your blog from a year or so.
    and all i have to say is that i love your drawings.
    architecture and that creatures, and oh! robots.
    i think i love your robots.

    but i have a question for you.
    how long does it take you to draw something
    like this one (i.e.)? and colouring it?
    i've always wondered...
    cause i see you draw a lot.

    thanx and keep the good work!!!

  4. Thanks!

    Efless: I seldom clock my drawings but this one as I made it on place and my head started aching after a while (the weather was very sunny) so it took about one hour. I made the quick shading when I got home. But the more elaborate drawings can take a very long time well over 10 hours

    thanks again

  5. thanks again for the quick reply!
    and as i say, keep drawing.
    and i will keep following you.


  6. Blogging legend beats hockey legend! [Time approximately one hour]