Sweet sixteen

Got round to counting my moleskine sketchbooks today, found out that I'm currently drawing in my 16th one (I bought the first one late 2006). As I usually do when I got moments of "why bother" and fail to produce anything I post an image of a pile of them. I gathered some highlights from them on this page: sketchbooks


  1. They are precious. I really like. Congratulations!

  2. moleskine are :)~

    you're some kind of genius that can't stop drawind, gon't you?

    serously, i think your work is great :)

  3. This page is so much fun!
    Very creative using the space on the Moleskine pages!

  4. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I'm sure I've told you this a hundred times already, but I am in complete awe of you. *Kowtows several times*


  5. awwww!super cute!

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  7. 16?!?!

    Braggart! Just kidding!

    What do you do with all the completed journals once they're filled up? Do you plan on giving them away? Breaking them up and selling the individual pages?

    Just curious, Mattias!


  8. I can imagine a drawing of an immense stack of naked moles