Re Inventing Football

a quick walk through how I plan to change how we think of football (or soccer if you are living over there)

Taking inspiration from the roman legions, the attack is built up with five heavy weight runners forming a impregnable wall in front of the primadonna or goal maker.

The method actor with years of training makes sure that the referee judges in advantage of your team

A mole is placed in every opposing team, depending on how the game is going he can choose how much to help the your team. The variable goalpost can widen the goal just enough to let the ball pass safely into it.

The limbo defense plays on lack of flexibility of most professional football players.

The sale rep gives the opposing team great offers making them forget the game.

The goal keeper has together with the variable goal posts makes striking a goal very difficult


  1. Badly needed by the Scotland team, methinks.

    You missed out the glamour model, who wanders past at opportune moments.

  2. Man, this is so funny, you made my day.I don't like soccer, but if they'd play it with your rules I'd watch it;)especially the limbo defenders are great!

  3. Brilliant ideas and love the way you illustrated this! I'd definitely watch this version of soccer!